Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tis the Season

by Cheri Chesley

Seeing as it's nearly Christmas, and we are writers, I've chosen to share a poem with you that I wrote some years ago. It's since been put to music by a talented young man, who gave me an electronic copy I'm not smart enough to share here. :)

But I hope you enjoy the poem in its simplicity, nonetheless. Merry Christmas.

"Jesus Child"

The star shone high and bright,
in the sky above our heads.
We tried to tend our flocks,
but followed it instead.
How far it led us, we know not.
Nor do we really care.
For we'd have trod a thousand steps
to see who we saw there.
He was so small, this Son of God,
an infant child who lay
in a manger, with Mother dear
on a bed of hay.
His eyes, so bright, just like the star
that shone in Heaven above,
looked on us with approval
as we gazed at him in awe.
Others came, but we were first
this sweet child here to see.
And we knew then, deep in our hearts
our Savior he would be.

December 19, 1994

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Keith Fisher said...

happy Christmas to you too