Saturday, January 28, 2012

Getting Out and About

By Keith N Fisher

With all the thought, and Feng Shui, writers put into their writing spaces, it seems strange to say, but I needed to get out of the house so I could write this morning. Do you ever feel trapped in a writing style? Like an office space, chosen genre and even subjects can be limiting sometimes.

The problem for published authors, however, arises after they spend their whole career building a writing style their readers have grown to expect. I’m not talking about the mechanics of writing, but the voice of the writer. No matter what else happens in the story, Lewis’ mythical creatures are going to be different than Tolkien’s

Of course a style can be a burden to some writers. Take Mary Higgins Clark, for instance. Readers have learned that, no matter the story, some of the characters will, at some point, have cheese and wine. She also seems to live in a world where almost everyone does the same things for a living.

Writers can also get trapped in their plot style. I’ve noticed this in my own writing and I now spend hours deliberating a better plan. I’m very careful to give different careers to different characters and even though a fantastic romantic scene worked in one book. I fight to come up with different ideas.

I’ve noticed some best selling authors have developed pseudonyms to write stories in different genres. I can relate to that. I get ideas all the time that don’t fit in women’s fiction. Or if they do, there are other elements that don’t fit with the established type of novel I’ve been writing.

Like getting out of the house this morning, it’s nice to be able to experiment a little. I went to a twenty-four hour restaurant and wrote this blog. The problem was the group in the corner who insisted on being loud and repulsive. Between four-letter words they’re grammar caught my attention. I wondered if they knew how unintelligent they sounded.

Just like the distractions in the restaurant forced me to concentrate harder, we need to be careful writing new genres. Don’t lose sight of what works for you. If you can tell the story in your voice, then great. If the new genre makes you develop new habits entirely, then pick one and stay with it.

I hope what I’ve written makes sense. If not, then blame the group in the corner. It’s late and I won’t have time to edit before posting. My greatest hope is that it helps you become the writer you want to be.

Good luck with your writing---see you next week.

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