Saturday, February 11, 2012

LTUE and the Celebration

By Keith N Fisher

I sat in the upper commons area of the Sorensen Student Center at UVU, writing and resting. A young man and his friends passed by after reading one of the signs directing symposium attendees toward the registration table.

Life, the Universe, & Everything,” he said, then he repeated it with emphasis on everything. The guy obviously had no idea what the symposium was all about, and made a mockery of it.

I looked up from my keyboard and made note of his appearance. He looked like the kind of a guy who would love LTUE, if he knew anything about it.

The symposium is 30 years old this year. It was started at a time when there was nothing on campus to support the creative urges of the like minded type of people who make Dragoncon a success. A group of science fiction & fantasy writers and artists were determined to hold that kind of event on the BYU campus.

Did I mention LTUE is thirty years old? I attended a panel discussion on the origins of LTUE and was impressed by the long list of famous people who have been guests.

Whether you write in those genres. Whether you draw dragons or anime. Even if you’ve a mind to dress in costume, you will find help, support, and camaraderie at LTUE. Hope to see you there. Because of health issues this year, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the mezzanine with my foot up. Come over and chat.

Good luck with your writing---see you next week.


Jessie said...

Hey! I just discovered your blog and I really like it. I have a blog for writers as well at It's only a day old, but in it I will discuss writing tips and tools of the trade. I thought Authors Incognito might be interested. :) Love your blog. Keep up the good work!

Sonja Herbert said...

I was at LTUE too. Loved it. Great discussions, great info and super great writers there! I came away double determined to get my second book published.

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