Friday, March 16, 2012


by G.Parker

I am feeling so conflicted today, that anything I have to share would probably be confusing, so this is the first subject that came to mind.

There are lot's of wannabes out there.  People who want to be something other than what they are.  Sometimes that's a good thing - such as a better writer, artist, singer, mother, parent, sibling, etc.  Then there are those that wish they could be someone else - such as a particular singer, actor/actress, celebrity figure.  That's usually how we term wannabe.  It's a phrase:  "Oh, that person's a wannabe."

Is that how you look at yourself?  Are you a wannabe?  I hope not in the negative sense.  I'm hoping that everyone who reads our blog is someone who wants to be better at their craft, better in their lives, relationships, etc.  A better them.  Not someone who is a wannabe - would only like to be better, but not put forth the real effort to become that which they so desire.

How are you doing on your goals?  Are you reaching them?  It's March, the middle of March (isn't there a time called the Ides of March from Shakespeare?) and that means almost three months have already gone by. There is no time to waste.

I love the statement from a Disney movie "Each day is a present, that's why we call it a gift."  I hope you are reaching toward eternity and those goals you've set each day.  I know I'm working on it.

Just don't be a wannabe.  Be the best you.

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