Wednesday, April 11, 2012


C. LaRne Hall

Last Wednesday evening I was at a great performance by Clay Cooper in Branson, Missouri. It was an impressive program and I had a fantastic time in that fun city. While I was there I thought a lot about language. Yes, some of us in the United States still speak English, but we don't all speak the same English. In Missouri they have an unusual accent and language. I loved it. That is one city I would love to live in. Their accent and language is something I enjoyed hearing, the people are friendly and the Ozarks are beautiful. To be real honest I just wanted to stay there forever.

While in Branson I realized that language in our writing is real important. We need to make sure we use the correct words depending on where our characters are residing. We need to use the proper terminology in our dialogue to make our characters believable. The way our characters speak is as important as the scenery around them. And although our characters speak English it shouldn't all sound the same.

As I thought about this I realize I have some editing I need to do. I need to make my characters more real and not so wooden. I know that by changing their dialogue I can do this.


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Donna K. Weaver said...

It pays off to know people who are from different areas of the country. They can really help with regional slang.