Sunday, April 08, 2012


I believe in Jesus Christ
just as I believe in the rising sun.
Not because I can see it,
but because of it
I can see everything else.

~C.S. Lewis

Since this is a writing blog, I will ask you how differently light impacts your characters' views of their worlds. It can be literal light, that allows the body's eyes to see what is around it. It can be information that helps the character see things differently. Or it can be understanding through experience that changes the character forever. 

I'm listening to Stephanie Meyer's The Host again, and I've reached the part where the alien Wanderer, through her human host, finally understands something she'd never learned in the eight other worlds and hosts she'd lived in. It isn't until she experiences with Melanie her motherly love for her younger brother that Wanderer finally understands why a human mother would give up her life to save her child.

Happy Easter

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