Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Book launch details

by C. Michelle Jefferies

Within sixty days, I will be celebrating the release of my first book. This month I am writing a new rough draft, and planning my launch. While I have been dreaming of this party for years, I am seeing that there is a seperate reality that is full of lists and alot of things that need to be done in the next few weeks. Since I have worked hard on this list and the things on the list, I thought I'd share it with you and hope we can all benefit from it. If you have anything to add or any comments please feel free to let me know. 

Book launch planning list:


Date and time

Note: may have a private dinner thing  for an hour before public launch.

Food for private party. What I provide and if I will ask for potluck donations.  

Treats for public launch, plan food, and drink. How to display food and drinks. Person to watch the treat table and maintain it.

Children’s table Crafts and snacks. AND some one older to help and to monitor the snacks.

Invitations for private party

Flyers all over local area

Post cards to mail to places like paper and businesses I know and libraries

Call paper

Print bookmarks or order book marks

Print business cards.

Cake with edible book cover on it?

Someone to photograph the whole event maybe post pics on FB as a "live event"

Order little prizes or candy give out with book purchase

Decorations for launch party

Signing table and maybe t-shirts for those who are helping

Maybe solicit door prizes from local businesses in return for a bit of advertizing

Assistant-time keeper-manages money for book buying, cash box and change. 

Buy card reader and borrow ipod touch or I phone from friend

Radio and TV

Posters from staples, one for desk one for entryway.

Person to watch kids.

Pick outfit to wear

Gather things for door prizes

Note: Four seperate people for taking pictures, childrens table, desert table, and handling money and time keeping



Reading from the book

Question and answer period


Door prizes throughout the night

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