Friday, January 18, 2013

Teenage Boys

by G.Parker

Well, it's a scene many of us have seen over and over.  The waiting room at the hospital/doctor/instacare/er. The generic chairs, the TV monitor going full blast with some Disney movie, the magazine rack that's been picked over and/or has all the same magazines.  The various people waiting, either in pain, or for their family member/friend that they brought.

It's a scene I've seen so often that it should be engraved in my memory forever.  The only differences is the hospitals usually have a fish tank.  Go figure, what do fish tanks have to do with waiting rooms?  I'm not sure, but I would imagine it has something to do with calming the panic.  But I think I could safely write a description in a book and everyone would agree they could picture it.

Well, today I got to visit again.  However, it's a first in several years for my youngest, and the second time he's broken something.  It's actually the second time that it wasn't his fault.  The first time he broke his wrist, it was because his sister's (who were babysitting) decided everyone could sleep together on the top bunk.  He fell off, got a goose egg that I'd never seen the like before, and broke his wrist.  Sigh.  This time he was in P.E. at school and fielded a basketball with his wrist.  The doctor said usually that wouldn't be a break.  That's because it was my son...

My family tends to do the unusual, the unique (however, I'm sure every family feels this way) and different way of doing things.  While I guess it gives me lots of information for future writing endeavors, I'm not sure that I want to be writing about waiting rooms a lot.  It's not the cheeriest of atmospheres, generally, and not conducive to romance.  At least, not in my mind.

So, I'll see what else I can write about for next week.  Until then, hopefully you'll be broken wrist free and safe through the weekend.  Enjoy the holiday Monday.

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Cindy said...

I can relate to your experience. My daughter broke her wrist falling off the monkey bars when she was in second grade. Also I work at a hospital and you reminded me there is a fish tank in one of the waiting rooms.