Thursday, April 24, 2014

Feeling Abandoned

By Keith N Fisher

Yes I know it's not Saturday, but the conference begins today, and I don't think the Thursday poster will be posting, so here it is:

Every year at this time, I’ve posted about the LDStorymakers Conference. I’ve begun with words similar to, I’m writing this from the conference, then I would go on to talk about an amazing thing I learned.

I’m beginning this post with, I’m not writing from the conference, this year. I’m writing from a place considerably farther south. Even if it had been held, like in previous years, in Utah County, I wouldn’t have been able to attend. Things, however, are looking up. Maybe I’ll make it next year.

I was reading posts on Facebook, about the conference, the other day and I felt a sense of loss. I will miss the networking and some of the presentations. I wonder if they will miss me. I lamented those feelings in a text to my friend, who also won’t be attending the conference and she helped me realize some things.

Without delving into those things, suffice it to say I will miss it.

I hope you find the classes and camaraderie all that you hoped for. Have fun and remember those of us who struggle with the written word. Have a good time, and I hope to see you next year.

Good luck with your writing—see you next week.


Why Not? Because I Said So! said...

We will miss seeing your there! I missed last year and I felt the same way.Hopefully we'll see you there next year!

Unknown said...

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