Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Beauty of New Years

by C. Michelle Jefferies

XINNIAN QUAILE  New Year Happiness!!!

I love this week! It is the lunar new year.

Time for reflection, cleaning out things that slow your energy, lots of good food and time spent with family.

I don't set goals and resolutions on January 1st. It's too close to the insaneness of the holidays. Too busy, too party like in atmosphere.

This week and the days leading up to this week are time I like to spend in quiet contemplation. Time to look back at my life, remove things that no longer serve me and that keep me from attaining my goals. Time to reflect and journal thoughts and future plans. Time to focus on the year ahead especially my writing.

My books come with a very strong Asian leaning slant. We love the food, traditions and nuances of Asian life. My life and my writing reflect this love. Its become a central part of my life.

Do you journal and set writing goals? Do you adopt or adapt other cultures ceremonies and celebrations as your own? How do you look forward at the changing of the year? Whether it is the solar or lunar.

dumplings, oranges, red packets, and fireworks for everyone!

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