Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Those Thoughtless Drivers

By C. LaRene Hall

Several things bother me about people and their driving. One is waiting at a stop sign and not having people signal that they are going to make a turn. However, it’s not the thing that makes me most angry.

I only have what should be a ten-minute commute to work each morning. Every day I take the same route because the other way takes me through many school zones. As I approach the Bangerter Highway to make a left turn most of the drivers in the inside lane leave about one car length between them and the next car. The designated left turn lane has an island, and since I have a small car instead of a large truck, I can see plenty of room for me, but have to wait to get into the turn lane. Sometimes this wait takes a couple of lights before I can move forward for the turn. I know if each car pulled forward a little, I could get to work in half the time.

My next turn is right, and the same thing happens. You can’t pull into the right turn lane until you are almost to the corner. Most of the vehicles in the outside lane leave about a car length between them and the car in front. If they would pull up a little closer then I could make my turn sooner and be on my way.

I believe this simple process has not occurred to many drivers. I’m sure they aren’t trying to keep me hostage and prevent my going to work, but sometimes it seems that is exactly what they are doing.

Sometimes I feel this way about sending my written word out to publishers. Since I’m just a small insignificant person who has never published anything, they won’t even give me a chance. Yes, I know they have lots of mail. I also know they only take certain things, but I research carefully who to send my stories to, so I think they should at least read what I’ve written. Maybe they think they can push one more writer off the road, but this isn’t going to stop me. I’ll keep plugging along until someone lets me through.

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