Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Caught Again

By C. LaRene Hall

I’m the victim of a tag game again. It seems I did this before, but it’s been awhile so I’ll give it a shot. I’m supposed to share seven random things about myself.

1. I’m the oldest of five children – a brother eighteen months younger than me, a sister almost four years younger, and two other sisters. One was born when I was sixteen, and the other when I was nineteen.

2. Before I was in the 5th grade, we lived in so many places that it would take all my fingers and most of my toes to count them.

3. I love to travel. It doesn’t matter where as long as I can see something new. I love this beautiful earth, and won’t be entirely happy until I can see every inch of it. The only problem is I only speak one language. I’ve tried to learn German, Spanish, and Samoan, but it never stuck.

4. I hate shopping. I will do almost anything to avoid going to a store. It doesn’t matter what kind of store – I hate them all. If the economy depended on me spending money in a store, it would be in trouble.

5. If I could choose somewhere else I would want to live, it would be in Virginia. I love that place. There are so many historical things that happened there I would never tire of exploring.

6. When I was young, I spent lots of time in front of an audience. It seemed I was always playing a solo on the violin or singing a solo or dancing for someone. I also acted in the plays at school. One year my brother and I learned ballroom dancing and performed in an all church musical festival.

7. I collect fairies. I read about them, I write about them, and I dream about them. If I could be anything but a person, I’d choose to be a fairy.

I think I should choose 3 other people to tag. I should probably choose my other fellow bloggers - Keith, G. Parker, and Karen. Let's hear from the three of you soon.

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