Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Toys for an Old Habit

By Darvell Hunt

I wrote the first twenty or so chapters of my second novel rather quickly—and for an odd reason: I bought a new computer. Writers tend to love implements of writing—fancy notebooks, unique pens, and yes, high-tech writing tools as well.

Last week I bought a new laptop/tablet PC in the hope that it will spur me on to write lots of great new fiction. I’m a pushover when it comes to new computers.

The main reason I bought the new writing toy was because I was tired of packing around a huge laptop computer at my last writing conference. The LDStorymakers writing conference is coming up soon and I didn’t want to miss out on taking important notes from the teachings of the likes of James Dashner and Tristi Pinkston.

These are the reasons I’m telling myself to justify buying a new computer, but mostly, I just like new toys. Boys never get tired of new toys; they just get more expensive as we grow up.

I’m also hoping that this new addition to my nerd collection will also help me keep out of my home office to help me be with my family more. On the computer? Sure, okay, but still in the same room with them. Aha, another good reason for a laptop! “Serious writing” might still be done with the door closed, but surfing the web, reading and answering email, and playing games can be done in plain sight.

Well, I have to go. I’m off to browse my local stationary store. Computers are nice, but someone who calls himself a writer can never ignore fancy notebooks and unique pens. I hope the new computer doesn’t get jealous.

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Dan Olsen said...

Tristi Pinkston was a presenter at the annual ANWA conference two Saturdays ago. I attended and it was fantastic. I've purchased semi-decent headphones to try and be in the same room with my family while I write. I can listen to music while I write and the headphones have noise cancelling properties which is very cool. Sometimes that works, and sometimes I have to go downstairs and close the door to the den. Just thought I'd mention the headphones in case you're looking for another toy.