Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Live in the Moment

By C. LaRene Hall

One talk that I really enjoyed during the last conference was by Elder M. Russell Ballard on Sunday afternoon. He talked about mothers but there was a message there for everyone – especially me.

He asked if we were all in such a big hurry to get on with life that we let the important moments pass on by us. He reminded us that once that moment goes it is gone.

His encouragement was for everyone. Don’t over schedule yourself. Take time to listen, laugh, and play together. He encouraged women to find time for their self, and cultivate their gifts as well as their interests. I wish I had learned to do this at an earlier age. I feel sad when I think about all the things I could have wrote in those years. I will never again have the same thoughts I did back then. I can never write the stories I would have written then. That time is gone.

All I can do now is look to the future. Elder Ballard reminded us that every situation is unique. We all have different choices and should focus on the things that we can do in the particular season of life in which we are now living, and not everyone’s season is the same. Everyone has momentary feelings of inadequacy, and frustration, but we can also have great joy. We just need to relish the time, and not rush past the fleeting moments of life.


Tristi Pinkston said...

I'm going to be printing out different quotes from his talk and hanging them up all over -- it was so important and needed and inspired.

Rachelle Christensen said...

I loved that talk. It was so good and I felt like he was talking to me. It shows what an important topic it is that we all felt so touched by it.