Wednesday, April 09, 2008

On Target

By C. LaRene Hall

Earlier this year, I indicated that I wasn’t going to set goals like everyone else. Instead, I was going to aim for a target, but maybe I’ve carried it too far. My plan was to write every day, and send something out every month. I haven’t reached the success that C. L. Beck has but I’m trying to be as brave as Darvell Hunt.

I have far exceeded my target. Surprising what a little determination can do, but the rest of the year may not go as well as the first quarter. Instead of sending something out each month, I’ve sent more than one thing each week.

I felt like I was so far ahead of schedule that by the beginning of March, I concentrated on a novel that I had let sit for a long time. My word count goal almost seemed impossible, but I decided how many words I had to write each day and sat at the computer until I reached the required number. It was a happy day when I reached the target word count for my novel.

I sent one book out earlier this year and by the end of this month, I will be like Darvell and have another one in the mail.

My success isn’t just my doing. I attribute it to networking. I belong to a great group of women who encourage me daily in my writing. Seeing the things my fellow bloggers are doing also spurs me along. Rubbing shoulders frequently with other writers makes me want to be among those who have published something.

The things that help me are
1. Belonging to a critique group
2. Belonging to an online writing group
3. Attending a monthly writing group
4. Attending writing conferences
5. Writing every day
6. A supporting husband

If you don’t do or have any of the above things, I suggest you try to add it to your life as a writer. I know that if you don’t write every day and then submit what you write, you will likely never get anything published.


Rachelle Christensen said...

You are awesome and an inspiration to us all! I'm hoping to give you a run for your money with the submission/rejection contest, but we'll see. :)
Good luck!

Granny Dea said...

Your ideas are certainly insightful and challenging.
After writing five manuscripts and holding back, fearing they may not be good enough, it is way past time I should follow your example. Now to figure out what to do next!?! Perhaps someone besides my family and friends might be able to appreciate my writing! :}
Good luck to all other aspiring writers!