Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Say Yes to You

By C. LaRene Hall

Saying no to something you don’t want to do means saying yes to something you do want. It means you have more time for things that will benefit you.

Years ago, I decided that other people were taking up lots of my time and usually it was doing things that I had no interest in doing. Some people took up so much of my time sitting in my home and talking about the same thing day after day, and never taking action to help themselves that I began to feel used. The problem was they didn’t do things for me in return.

I believe you should be charitable and do service for others, but sometimes it can go too far. People can and will take advantage of you. I’m not saying you shouldn’t serve others. Service to others gives meaning to life. Service is what life is all about.

Giving service is looking around and seeing a need. It’s not someone begging me to help them. It’s not someone making me feel guilty because I don’t want to do everything they want. It’s doing quiet acts of kindness when least expected.

I watch those around me, and try to help those in need. Sometimes people just need someone to talk with. Other times maybe it’s a meal, or a visit. These are the type of things I want to say yes to. I like to make another person feel worthwhile. I love doing quiet acts of kindness. It’s not always convenient to help others, but giving real service can be rewarding.

Even with writing deadlines, I find time to serve others. When I see someone in need it’s not a burden to serve, it’s a pleasure. If someone is using me, however, I’ve learned to say, “No. I need to write.”

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