Monday, May 19, 2008

Adventures Over the Rain Forest

By C. Lynn Beck
© 2008

CeeLynn tightened the harness to her parachute. A feeling akin to tiny kangaroos bouncing back and forth churned in her stomach, and excitement caused her fingertips to tingle. She wasn't afraid—not a whit. Jumping from an airplane and floating over the top of the rain forest was exhilarating ... adrenaline spiking ... and technically speaking (in case the IRS was reading), research for her upcoming novel.

She stood in the open doorway of the plane and gazed at the blue horizon, where the curvature of the earth arched with the grace of an angel's halo. The sight was so achingly beautiful that for a second, she wondered if she would become an angel when she stepped out the door.




"I love being a writer!" she yelled, as she stepped out into nothingness. . . .

Or maybe she yelled "Geronimo." In my writer's fantasy, the wind was whipping past my ears so fast that I couldn't quite tell what she said as we both plummeted to the earth.

Speaking of fantasies, if you haven't figured it out already, a writer's life is not at all like that. Well, not for most of us, anyway. Case in point—the other day I posted a blog for It was one that I'd carefully crafted and painstakingly proofed. The link for it went live on Thursday.

The blog disappeared on Friday.

No, I'm not making this up. When that happened, I neither yelled, "I love being a writer," nor "Geronimo." I think what I yelled was more like "Oh, crap!" Then I tried circumventing computer logs, programs, and servers for hours in hopes of bringing that blog back—hours that would have been far better spent writing about CeeLynn and her adventures in the rain forest.

Ah, yes. That is the life of a writer. Not only must we write, but we must also navigate the World Wide Web, build websites and blog pages, and function as a jack-of-all-trades. Sometimes it's frustrating. However, we can't let that stop us. We need to remind ourselves that when we're rich and famous, we can hire someone to take care of the idiot computer and navigate the spidery Web.

In the end, my writer's ingenuity saved the day. In a flash of brilliance (you'll notice I use sarcasm in my writings), I re-posted the blog. Thank goodness for a techie who was around during the weekend and re-linked it.

So, dear reader, I'm hoping that aside from enjoying today's blog, you'll also notice it was a tactful way of announcing that I'm blogging for Well, okay, it was supposed to be tactful!

If you'd like to see what the lost blog was about, and whether it was worth all the time I spent trying to retrieve it, you'll find the link for it at Click on the building on the right side that's titled "LDS Outlet Stores" and scroll through the block until you find "The Newsstand." My blog link is titled, "What if it's Boring?"

Hope you enjoy it. Drop off a comment and let me know if you think the blog was worth all that work, or if I should have spent my time on CeeLynn and the blood-sucking leeches she encountered (human and otherwise), instead. And while you're there, take a gander at all the cool products and services at

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Triple Nickel said...

Where is that new blog site???
Subtle, very subtle.
Loved this blog and the one at!
Keep up the good work and let us know what happens to CeeLynn!

Cindy Beck, author said...

Triple Nickel,
Perhaps I've been just a little toooo subtle. I forgot to include the new blog address!:)

You can get there by going to, clicking on the LDS Outlet store and then traveling the block to the newsstand.

Or you can go the quick route by going straight to the blog at

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for researching your next novel, but that is no good reason for jumping out of a perfectly operational airplane!!! You had me worried there for a minute! LOL

Cindy Beck, author said...

Come on, you know you're the adventurous sort! Any one who can slay dragons like you do would find jumping out of an airplane to be a piece of cake! :)