Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Multifaceted Gem

By DeeDee Hunt

With Mother’s Day this week, I am reminded of the many facets of life that make our existence so fascinating and so worth living. It’s often hard to catch those special moments in writing, but when you do, it becomes a time when the written word truly shines. Just like the light through a diamond, when writing has many dimensions, beauty can emerge from ugliness.

As I write this, I contemplate the only chapter of a romance novel that I have ever written, which I finished up not more than fifteen minutes ago. That feels bizarre for me to say, as I’ve never even written romance until today, yet the rest of the story I have in my mind speaks powerfully to me, such that I could no longer put it off. I don’t know if I’ll ever finish this romance novel or not, but now I can say that I’ve started it. I’ve had this idea for about five years now and the first few lines of the story hit me last night when I was trying to get to sleep. So, today I wrote the words down—and I like what I wrote. I now have the first chapter of my first romance novel.

I’ve also written an LDS thriller/mild horror novel, an LDS young adult novel, an LDS self-help fictional book, and even a western-style novel that occurs in Utah some 40 years before the pioneers settled its harsh valleys. I’m guess that makes me a multifaceted writer. My stone might still be rough, but if I polish each aspect my writing to be as smooth as I can, then perhaps the whole of my writing experience will shine like a diamond.

That’s the idea, anyway. Maybe it’s just a lump of coal, but until I try my hand at refining the materials I have, I won’t know. With sufficient work and enough pressure from all sides, perhaps a diamond will emerge, much to my delight.


Hazel said...

You are truly a writer in hour heart and it comes through in your words. I like your writing style and expect great things from you in the future.
Hazel Jensen

Keith N Fisher said...

I agree with Hazel. you are a diamond my friend

Keith N Fisher said...

I agree with Hazel. you are a diamond my friend

Cindy Beck, author said...

Why are all these people calling you "Darvell"? Sweetie, you've got to let your true self be known!

Okay, just kidding. :)

I do think you have great potential as a romance writer, though, Darvell! And I'd love to see you do one through a guy's viewpoint, too.