Monday, July 14, 2008

A Floater

By Cindy Beck
© 2008

When the LDS Writers Blogck first started, I was a “floater.” No, not the kind you find in a septic tank … the kind who didn’t post her entry on any particular day, and just posted when she had something to say.

Because of the state of world affairs, politics, and the price of gas, I find my time crunched in all directions. Well, okay, I’ll be truthful. World affairs, politics and the price of gas have nothing to do with it … I’m just busy. All right, maybe not even busy, but slower. Every day, and in every way, I’m getting slower and slower.

Hence, it’s time for me to go back to floating again. I’ll still give my thoughts, as mundane as they may be, but they won’t be out here as often.

In the meantime, should you feel a need for my oddball humor, you can find it twice a week at my blog, Write Up My Alley, at

Or if you’re looking for more serious musings (which come farther and fewer between) you can find them at Meandering Thoughts, at You’ll even find them here occasionally, because I couldn’t bear to leave you and my blogger friends—Darvell, Connie, Nichole, Gaynell, Keith, and Karen—for good.

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Dan Olsen said...

Hi Cindy. I just gave you and Nichole a blog award. You can see it on my blog. You're encouraged to give it to seven other people.

I will now have to check more regularly to see which days you're floating in...