Friday, January 14, 2011

Fresh Blood

by G.Parker

I think with titles like that, I could have been a horror writer...what do you think?  However, I just can't think that gory, so it's just an attention getter.  What I'm talking about is my critique group.

We got a couple of new members this past couple of months, including a brand new one this week.  It's fun to get new people and add their perspectives to the mix.  I think we seriously need another male person of ours has gone on hiatus and the two that are left are probably feeling picked on.  They truly bring a unique view of writing to the mix, and we love it.  They also bring a lot of humor! 

It's been interesting to see our little critique group grow.  We have struggled to remain strong for the past three years.  We've had members come and then drop out, one that's currently on hiatus and another that has expressed interest.  I like knowing that there are those seeking fellow writers and help.  This group has been great for me, I have four boxes of stories that I've received critique for, and still need to work on.  Sigh.  It's never ending...

But anyway, it's a new year.  A new you, right?  Have you found yourself a critique group to join?  Or are you already part of one?  If you are, good on ya, mate!  If not, get your butt moving!  If you are trying to find something to get your writing going from hobby to serious, a critique group is a must.  It has definitely made me a better writer.  

It's the whole voices in the head thing...I can hear them, even now -- I must go write...

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Unknown said...

Crit groups are extremely important toward the development of great writing. Refinement is the end result of effective crit groups.

Great post.