Friday, February 11, 2011

Love is In The Air

by G.Parker

If you write romance, this is the most romantic time of the year.  Even if you don't write romance, you can't escape it -- it's everywhere you go, everything you hear, and almost worse than the Christmas commercialism that we have to deal with.  

Do you love it or hate it?  

Personally, I don't see the big deal. I ignore most of it, but I love the decorations.  The reason being my hubby could honestly compete with Mr. World's Most Romantic Man (in case you haven't heard of him, there is such a person).  He tries to be romantic all during the year, not just during February, or on Valentines.  Mr. Webb's contention is men should be romantic or try to be romantic year round.  I like that idea.  It really works well when writing romance.

You see, it's fun to toss romance around in a totally different frame of reference.  Everyone expects romance during Christmas, or Valentines.  What about the 4th of July?  The 24th?  (My hubby's sister went into labor on the 4th of July when they were picnicking and he was on a date with a girl.  It's quite the story).  How about Ground Hog day?  The middle of August?  Any day can be full of romance, it's all in the story and the telling.

Of course, it's always easier to write what you know, correct?  So the more romance you have in your life, the easier it is to describe and put in your stories, although some people live vicariously through their writing.  I don't have to.  My family knows that I usually toss parts of my personal life in my stories.  There's part a of the people in my life all through my characters, and I'm afraid it's going to get me in trouble some day -- but the good part of the men are always my husband.

For example - I mentioned the other day a specific software program I wanted to get to play on our Wii.  I even went so far as to ask the sales clerk about it.  He noticed.  I didn't remember that when he notices stuff like that he tries to get it for me, you'd think I'd pick up on it after almost 25 years, but I'm still clueless.  So yesterday he asked if we have a budget for Valentines.  He was going to try and pick up that item for me so I could actually do it last night.  What a sweetheart!!  That's what I call romantic, when he notices what you want, what you are interested in and knows you.

Remember the scene in 2 Weeks Notice where they are eating lunch and picking out what the other doesn't like about their food?  Or in The Mirror Has Two Faces when he knows what she likes on her salad and what she doesn't?  That's romance.  It's the day to day stuff, not just the hearts and flowers, though I don't know anyone that would turn any of that

Think of that when you're going through the store and seeing all the silly Be Mine stuff.  What do you see going on around you?  Do you see men trying to find something thoughtful?  Playing with their wives/girlfriends as they look at cards?  I heard a story the other day about a man who had his wife in the card section and had her read all the cards that he thought pertained to her.  I think that's sweet.  It's a gesture that shows caring and thought.  Not just spur of the moment my-heck-I-forgot-it-was-Valentine's day-and-she's-gonna-wig-out-because-I-didn't-get-her-anything panic.

I hope you look around with fresh eyes this weekend and think about your own romance.  Perhaps you can show your spouse how much you care before the 14th.  I dare ya.  It will be fun.

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Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

My husband offers me foot massages when he knows I've had a tough day at the day job. I love it.