Sunday, May 20, 2012

Heaven Is Here

Have you ever heard of the NieNie Dialogs? I did a few years ago when my daughter told me about Stephanie Nielson's blog--and that Stephanie and her husband had been in a plane crash and severely burned. I started following her blog when I found it again a year or so later, when she was well on the way of her recovery.

I love this woman's view of life and her family. She encourages and inspires me immensely.

And her memoir is out. It's called Heaven is Here. I'm reading it to my husband, and we laugh and cry together.

Nie starts with what she remembers of the crash as a man from the neighborhood where the plane went down holds her head in his lap. He comforts and encourages her as they wait for the emergency medical personnel to arrive. Nie's been burned on 80% of her body.
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She takes us back to when she first met her husband and through their courtship and early marriage/parenthood.

Then she gets to the crash and all that was involved in her healing process--both physical and emotional. I didn't read her blog before the accident, and I didn't follow it until she was well enough to begin blogging again.

Stephanie is LDS, and her testimony is a powerful thing. Hubby and I are loving this book.

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Cathy said...

Wow, that must be a powerful story. Thanks for sharing.