Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Should I or Should I Not

By C. LaRene Hall

Last time I took the time to write a post someone asked why an author would want to do a book signing since they usually don't sell very many books. That is an excellent question. I once had that same question.

For those who know me you know I never do anything the normal way. I go out of my way and do something different. My last book came out in the summer and I decided that I was going to do my book signing in my own yard. I had games for all the children (after all it's a children's book and kids expect games at a party), and food that depicted my book.

At first I wasn't sure if it was a success until I asked another author how many books she usually sold. She told me that the most she had sold at a time was 17. That day in July in my yard I sold 56 books. I'm not famous and I knew my book would not be a best seller, but to me the number sold was great.

Since I was successful last time I am again going to do my book signing in my yard. This time my theme is going to be Patriotic and Pirates. I know that's a weird combination, but that's what my book is about. I don't know what food I'll serve but I do have the children's games picked out. All my helpers will wear pirate hats and I'll sit at a patriotic table. I may not sell as much as last time, but I think I will once again top the 17 books sold at book stores.

When I have a date I'll let everyone know. I'm sending out more invites this time and I'm hoping lots of people will come and enjoy a fun day in my yard. Can you tell I love parties?

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Jacky said...

Just like a loss is a loss, I think any success is still a success. Whether you sell one book or thousands, it still means you have something worthwhile. :)

The pirate theme sounds like a great idea. Perhaps you can serve sushi and...chocolate wrapped as gold coins?