Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Sipping . . .

by C. Michelle Jefferies

I just had some surgery last week and am home healing and resting. I'm actually doing great. Except one thing. Staying hydrated.
You see large amounts of fluids really make me sick and I HATE throwing up. The Nutritionist explained to stay hydrated at times like this I needed to sip sip sip all day long.
I realized the analogy to writing this morning as I searched for the energy and an idea for my blog topic today. Often times when we are threatening to get to the point where our ability, and will to write is drying up like being dehydrated, we want to take large chucks of time and just pound it out and that is the last thing we need to do. It is at that time to calm a rebellious muse or fried brain we need to write in little little little steps in order for our selves to get back into the swing of things.  Then as we feed the muse calm the brain re-energize then we can tackle harder and bigger things.

How do you handle burnout and muse strikes?

The path to wisdom is not always straight

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