Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What I've learned.

by C. Michelle Jefferies

Well the launch is over and my office is filled with boxes of decorations and stuff that I have yet to put away. My freezer is filled with baggies of food that people didn't eat and that wasn't because I send plates home with people.

What I learned was that books sell because of personal connections and not fliers and newspaper articles. The people who showed up were family (of course) and friends that I made contact with. People who I talk to whether on the computer or in person.

I learned I didn't need that much food. and that my gut was right on the ammount of books I needed. I also saw that the effort to make the place look nice was worth it. That door prizes and a reading of the first page were "hooks" to keep people there for a while and talk and make friends.

I'm glad I studied the subject of book launches. I'm glad I made the extra effort of things like bookmarks, boomerangs and origami butterflies.

It was succesful and that was because of time and effort. And people who answered questions for me.

~ the path to wisdom is not always straight

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