Sunday, December 30, 2012

An End and a Beginning

by Donna K. Weaver

This year has been such a mixture of blessing and struggles. But, I guess that's the way it tends to be anyway. Like the characters we write, we need to earn our happily ever afters.

Hubby and I watched the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith last night. It's the story of a couple of assassins who marry not knowing what the other really does. Their life together is built on lies. When things fall apart and they each receive an assignment to assassinate the other, the sparks fly and things get real. During a low point, Mrs. Smith makes a comment about a happily ever after simply meaning that the story isn't over yet.

Well, the movie's a romantic comedy, so you can figure out if they get their happily ever after. But her comment--even though it was made during that dark moment we writers are familiar with in stories--is one that I disagree with (and the characters reach a conclusion more like mine).

The truth is this:

And I suggest that our writing doesn't have to be perfect either. As human beings, we keep growing and changing. Our writing will keep growing and changing--maturing.

As you face your hopes, dreams, goals, resolutions--whatever you want to call them--for 2013, realize that your book doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful. Get it where it can fly and let it go. And then move on to your next project.

This is my last post as a member of this fun blogging team, and I've appreciated the opportunity. Thank you. And Happy New Year.

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