Sunday, December 02, 2012

NaNoWriMo and the Writing Conference Season

by Donna K. Weaver

First off, I beat NaNo. My fastest time ever.

I've found that where I live and with the writing groups I associate with, the first half of the year is filled with writing conferences. It's a literal feast of opportunities. Here are a few I'll be attending:

January 26 - iWriteNetwork Winter Workshop - (I'll be a presenter along with the awesome Sarah M. Eden, Michele Paige Holmes, Elana Johnson, and Gregg Luke)
- What I love about this conference is that it's hands on, so the classes are constructed so participants can actually work on the techniques they're being taught in the class.

February 14-16th - Life, the Universe and Everything (LTUE)
- Two years ago I went to this for the first time. It was my first writing conference, and I was a volunteer (and have been since). This is a large conference and has a combination of individual sessions and panels. While its focus is fantasy/SciFi, there's plenty of craft instruction in all of them to be worth attending even if you write other genres or nonfiction. It's also amazingly affordable.

February 21-23rd - American Night Writers Association (ANWA)
- This will be the first out-of-state writing conference I've traveled to. My hubby's sister doesn't live too far from where the conference is being held, so he'll tag along and visit while I attend classes. They even have a Protagonist Ball.

May 10-11th - LDS Storymakers
- Once again, I attended my first Storymaker conference two years ago. It was a wonderful experience and I met so many awesome people. The classes here are more class-like than at LTUE which has more panels. Two years ago I attended a Bootcamp critique session, and last year I added Publication Primer (a more intense critique session with a focus on publication). I learned so much!

Well, that's what I've got scheduled for the first half of my year. CONduit is also held in May each year though I haven't attended that one yet.

How about you? Have you attended a writing conference? Do you like them? What about national conferences? Ever attended one of those?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sorry, I've never attended a writing conference. Cool you're a presenter at that first one.

Pat Hatt said...

Never attended one at all, waaaay to far away from my hall. But sounds like fun to give a run.

Morgan said...

Oh, I'm obsessed with conferences... In the past year, I've done three SCBWI conferences--all out of state. So this year I want to stay in and do Storymakers! So cool everything you're involved in, Donna. Love it. :D

Jeff Hargett said...

I do wish there were more available closer to my area. I did, however, attend Orson Scott Card's writer's workshop this year. Learned a lot. Maybe one of these years I can get out west, attend LTUE or Storymakers and meet some of you marvelous folks in person.