Friday, March 22, 2013

Once Again...

by G.Parker

It's the media's fault.  Sigh.  I really have to stop finding soap boxes, because I simply can't avoid standing on them.  And they should be made of cardboard so they collapsed a lot sooner.  You know, like before I stick my foot in my mouth.

You see, it's all the fault of an article I read in the Deseret News.  I know, again, here she, does she do anything other than read?  Hey!  I write...usually.  Just can't keep from reading, okay?

But anyway, it was pointing out that several of the former Disney youth stars had decided they wanted to shed their goodie goodie image and after starring in a rather dubious television series, they are now in a risque movie that even the media is saying it's risque.  I just don't understand that mind set.

There have been several actresses that have gone that route.  May I mention Meg Ryan?  Ugh.  But I find it interesting that the men don't feel that need.  I guess the men don't really care, and they don't usually have the goodie goodie image in the first place...they are generally called 'clean cut'.  It doesn't take much for them to shed that either.

I mention the media again, because films are written by screen writers.  Since we are writers, and I'm sure there are some of you that want to be screen writers, then this applies to you.  Heads up.  We can make a difference in the media.  I remember talking with Richard Dutcher back when he had produced God's Army and his disappointment in the screenwriting abilities of the LDS membership in general.  He had hoped that the success of the movie would bring fantastic scrips out of the woodwork.  When that didn't happen, he became somewhat disillusioned with us, and I think that was the beginning of the end...

Anyway - many comments have been made that society and the media has become soooo off beat and lurid in what they are shoving in our faces.  And people are paying to see them!!  Which makes them produce more, and everyone knows that supposedly an R rated film makes more money than PG-13...though I believe everyone feels the same as I do that PG-13 is not all that clean anymore.  Sigh.

So...I'm off my soapbox now.  Just remember when you are going to a movie, what kind of industry you are supporting.  And if you are a screenwriter, just think of the influence you might be able to wield by what you write.

We are needed people.  Desperately.  So get those fingers moving!  ;)

Have a good weekend and try not to freeze.  It is March, right?

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