Friday, April 26, 2013

Graduation Day

by G.Parker

(Drawing copywrited by gparker)

Well, we spent the day with our youngest daughter.  She graduated from college today with an Associates Degree.  She's almost through with her bachelors, but hadn't gotten her Associates until now due to paper snafus and stuff.  This time next year we'll be doing her Bachelor Graduation and it will be a much bigger party, let me tell you.

We heard several speeches, one by Mr. Huntmans Jr. himself.  I was prepared to not enjoy it, politics and stuff -- but it was good.  He made several points that I thought were good.  Especially about giving back to the community.

I like that they emphasized that a couple of times through the different speakers.  The importance of service, and giving to others.  How now that you've reached your goal, help others to achieve theirs.

It's kind of why we write this column.  I'm afraid I hadn't been able to get it done in advance, so once again you get a glimpse of the personal life and a small writing thought, but that's my life.  Tomorrow I'm going to actually be participating in a street gallery of sorts with my paintings.  The first time ever.

After listening to the talks today from honorary master degree recipients and professors who have more initials after their names than anyone can write, I feel a little foolish.  What is my small achievement at 52 compared to their mega stuff at perhaps the same age??  However, this isn't a comparison, and we aren't out to compete with each other.

It's all about trying and working toward achieving our goals, be they writing or other goals in life.  You can do it.  Everyone deserves a day of graduation.  What is yours going to be?


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