Tuesday, April 30, 2013

If you have ever felt

by C. Michelle Jefferies

If you have ever felt like giving up. Like there's not enough time. Not enough story ideas. Too many story ideas. The muse is mad at you or left you completely.  The kids need you. The house needs you. The job needs you. Everything is more important than writing . . . . . .

You're not alone.

We all feel like that sometimes.

But . . .

Don't give up!

There's hope!

Even if you write TEN words a day. (Thank you Marsha Ward.) You're still writing.  Even if all you do on any given day is work on your story in your head. You're still writing.  Even if for a moment in time all you have is the desire to write. Even if nothing gets written you're on the path.

Don't give up. Keep trying. It'll happen.

The path to wisdom is not always straight


rebecca h jamison said...

Very true. Thanks, Michelle.

Marcy said...

Thanks for the encouraging words!

Nissa Annakindt said...

This is a very inspirational blog post. Some days all I can do is think about the story while I do other things, and I feel bad because it looks like I've made no progress. But if I've come up with a story idea I can use, I have made some progress.


M. R. Buttars said...

I have felt like that lately. It is nice to know that all my small efforts right now aren't for nothing. Thanks!

JoLyn Brown said...

Thank you! I think I spend more time on the stories in my head than the ones on the paper, but inspiration doesn't always come when I have the time to sit down and type.