Friday, July 05, 2013

Make Sure of the Proof...

by G.Parker

I have been working on publishing a trio of books for September.  I've already got one set, and now I'm working on the second.  And third.  Sigh.

I've proofed the first one in hard copy.  The second one in digital form.  I figured it was no big deal.  I ordered my free copies through Createspace, and they arrived today.  While they aren't terrible, it's also not exactly what I wanted.  I compared the one that just arrived with the previous proof copy of the other book. They aren't the same.  Which is something I would have seen in a real copy.

So, let this be my advise as a novice indi publisher to those who are looking into doing the same thing.  Make sure you check out those proofs before ordering books.  I was able to check spelling and spacing and stuff, but there is still the way it looks on a page!  It's not just about spelling and that, it's also how it looks in your hand.

Createspace recommends that you go through a proof three times.  First looking for formatting and pages etc., second looking through images or graphics, and then third to look for typos and grammar issues.  I had all those covered, but it's still a different bit to look at it on the screen than in your hand.

Well, I'll let you know how it goes now that I've got the book in hand and can get it where I want it.  I'll also let you know when I'm ready to put them out for sale.  ;)

Have a good weekend, especially since we have rain!!

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