Friday, August 09, 2013

An Open Response

Like many of you, I have several email addresses. I check some of them frequently, others not so. A while back, I checked one of those boxes and found an email from a man who claimed I infringed on his copyright of an image I posted with one of my posts.

Even though there is no commercial gain in posting on this blog, I removed the image immediately. Today, I noticed some unchecked comments in the moderation section of our blog and found three comments, in which he said I chose to ignore his email. Mind you those comments were posted before I checked that email box so how could I have ignored the email? I never saw it.

I didn’t think you needed an answer, sir, since I deleted the image from my post.

In his comments he threatened to sue me. I wonder how we came to a place in our society where a person can spend a few hours on a computer program manipulating an image, and call it copyrighted. Several years ago, when I started my first website, I made several images. Some of which are still floating around the Internet. I know how it feels to find your work in another place you never intended it to be. I choose to accept it as flattery about my talent.

Therefore, sir, I want to say I didn’t choose to ignore your email. I could’ve linked you to the image, but I chose to remove your image instead. Also, I’m sorry I didn’t check the comments to be moderated I would've responded if I had. if you will send me another email, I'll be glad to return.

Your image was well done and beautifully made my point or I wouldn’t have used it. I wish you good luck in the future.

To those who read my posts, I won’t be placing images on this blog anymore, unless it is one of my own.

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