Saturday, January 25, 2014

What Happens, When Nobody Listens

By Keith N Fisher

Since I got off work on Tuesday morning, I’ve been in bed. Funny how things creep up on you, taking time, health, and resolve. I’ve been running in so many directions lately that I’ve let a lot of things slide.

I haven’t posted here on my assigned day for almost four weeks and nobody asked why. A question bounced around one of my Facebook writing groups recently. Should a writer blog about writing exclusively? Should they talk about other stuff? I’ve been posting blogs here about writing for almost eight years, and with the coming anniversary of The LDStorymakers Conference, I’m having serious doubts about it.

There were moments when people thanked me for writing. It kept me searching for new material. It has been a good time.

As always, I hope you never lose faith in your ability to get published and touch hearts. When you suffer over sentences at 3am, I hope you’ll remember you’re not alone. Many others have been there before you, and many others will come after. We all must write. It’s what we do.

Good luck with your writing.


Nissa Annakindt said...

A few posts back you ask if anyone reads your posts, so I thought I would comment and say 'I did'.

As for 'should a writer write about writing exclusively', I vote for the 'other stuff'. Since 'other stuff' is what we write ABOUT.

Good luck with your writing, and don't lose faith in it.

Nissa from

G. Parker said...

OH Keith - I had no idea. Now you kind of know why I stopped. Other things are just too much in the way. Every once in a while I think about coming back - but not yet. I hope you're feeling better!! :( Take care my friend.