Sunday, March 09, 2014

It's that time again.

It's conference time! The time where writers run around preparing submissions, entering contests, packing suitcases and counting out change from the couch to buy books that will be signed by presenting authors and special guests.

For most of us, this is better than that mass of holidays that happens at the end of the year.

Okay maybe not all of us, but some of us I'm sure.

I had the privilege in February to attend both Superstars in beautiful Colorado Springs CO and LTUE in Provo UT. I can safely say my head is still partially numb from Superstars.

I won the KOBO scholarship for Superstars. I cant even begin to thank them or imagine the wealth of information I received on their dime. It was simply amazing. This conference isn't about writing. This conference is about how to conduct yourself as a professional writer. How to understand contracts, how to deal with editors and agents. How to manage your time and your appearance and image.

While I know how to write, this information was new and so needed. The networking opportunities are amazing and the atmosphere is energizing. This is a more expensive conference but if you have the writing pat of the business under control, and are ready for the next step this is worth your time and money.  

While I was still recovering from Superstars and trying to put my house back together from being gone for four days, I was also preparing to present on some panels at LTUE. This conference was also an amazing experience on the other side (read author side, rather than student) of the writing realm. Again the connections, the atmosphere and networking is awesome.

This is the perfect conference for the beginning writer. Lots of classes and panels to choose from. Great price, lots of amenities around for meals and lodging and lots of authors and fellow writers to hang out with.

I will be at Write Here in Ephiram on March 29th, and Storymakers on April 25-26. I will be teaching classes at both of them. If you are going to either of these conferences please stop me in the hall and say hi. I will apologize in advance if I don't immediately recognize your name or face. As icon pictures are tiny, and I will be seeing numerous people just by nature of where I will be at and if I am heading to or preparing for a class. Still say hi. I love to connect with friends and fellow writers. I might even have chocolate somewhere on me.

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