Thursday, January 29, 2015

Better Late Than Never

by C. Michelle Jefferies

I know that there will be days like this. Such is life. At least I remembered before tomorrow morning right?

The discussion I have had lately with several writer friends is one of burn out. Often times disguised as writers block. Honestly I wish I had a magical cure and no one ever needed to suffer from this horrible disease. Because it is horrible.

That said. There are treatments. I will list some that work for me.

Change your location. Tired of the table? Move to the couch or sit at the window.
Change your mode of writing. Use a pen and paper, change the font, change the color, dictate.
Work on a different project.
Take a walk, play at the park, go for a drive do something besides staring at that blastid cursor.
Listen to music, change the type of music, watch a movie, read a book.
Call a friend, go to lunch, get ice cream, talk about book or talk about everything but book.
Last but not least. Open the manuscript and commit yourself to write ten words. That's all. Just ten words. maybe just maybe it'll turn into twenty, and twenty will turn into forty. You get my drift.

We all have those days, whether its just block, burn out or complete meltdown. There's always something that can help.

Write away!

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