Monday, March 02, 2015

Ten Years-guest post-by G. Parker

By G.Parker

Greetings fellow writers!  Long time no see…er read, or write…whatever.  It was kind of fun when Keith approached me about doing a guest blog.  All the changes to the blog look great!  I am in great company with the different bloggers you’ve had over the past couple of months.

In looking at the blog and trying to come up with something to write about, I was surprised to see that I’ve been blogging for over ten years.  It started out as a way to promote our business at the time.  Blogging was kind of new, and the hope was it would draw customers to our pizza store.  It didn’t keep us from going out of business, (sigh) but it did make me feel like there was life outside my sphere in the community; kind of like when the character sent out the question in “You’ve Got Mail.  She didn’t really expect an answer, she was just sending it out to the world.

Perhaps you’ve started your own blog.  What were your reasons?  Was it to drive your fan base as an author?  I continue blogging now because I feel as if there is a responsibility attached with it.  If you have a dedicated reader base, they expect you to keep writing.  When you stop, it creates a void – a disappointment and disillusionment that will make them reluctant to trust you will write again.

It’s silly most times, interesting sometimes.  It’s my way of letting the void know that I exist.  Isn’t that mostly why we write?  I think therefore I am”…I write, therefore I exist, even if it’s only for my own sake.
What I would advise after all these years is two things:  1-to keep at it.  Keep writing.  No matter what gets in the way, what life throws at you, the hours you have to do it in – KEEP WRITING.  It’s a gift from God, it’s your talent, and it needs to be done.  2-Learn all you can.  Take advantage of every opportunity to grow as a writer and learn more about your trade.  The upcoming LDStorymakers writing conference is a great way to do that.

So until next time…(should there be a next time, lol) keep writing!

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