Saturday, March 21, 2015

You Want to Do, What?

By Keith N Fisher

 During a difficult time in my life, I signed up for an occupational rehabilitation program. Simply put, they promised to employee me while I found my direction. They also helped provide resources to achieve my goals. My part of the contract was to show up for work on time. Work hard, make goals, and get through the program as quick as possible.

Part of the program required me to meet with a counselor and a mentor periodically. We would discuss my goals and what I needed to do to accomplish them. To be honest, I had problems setting goals. What do you do when you reach middle age and your world is overturned?

Without going into the psychological, they basically, asked me what I want to do? What job did I want? Beyond retirement, (which was out of the question), I answered truthfully. I would love to make a living as a writer. Deep down, I wasn’t kidding, but before I could add, that I knew it wasn’t likely to happen, my counselors dismissed my suggestion like so much triviality.

They didn’t think I was being realistic, and in fact I was only half-serious. They didn’t give me a chance to talk about being displaced and how hard it was for a fifty-something year old man, to decide what he wants to be when he grows up.

I know we all have difficult times especially during these days, but the truth is I really did want to write for a living. I knew, however, it wouldn’t pay the bills for awhile. Before you think about my self-defeatist attitude, you should know, I agree with you.

We all live with our own demons. Things we went through in the past that shaped who we became, and how we deal with issues. What are yours? What is keeping you from realizing your dreams?

We build lives that interconnect with other lives, and every choice we make affects them in one way or another. My generation was taught to embrace responsibility, and there was a time to quit dreaming. BUT, I am a writer by nature and temperament, I’m an artist, chasing dreams.

How do you balance?

Recently, I mentioned my new resolve. I’m moving forward with my dream. Through all the difficulties in my life during the past few years, I had my writing. Even when I thought I might die, there was my writing. When my garden turned to weeds, I still had my writing. Through several careers, I had my writing.

I’m a writer, see me fly.

Good luck with your writing—See you next week.

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