Saturday, April 18, 2015

Writing Spaces, Again

By Keith N Fisher

Do you remember when I posted a picture of the oval office in the White House? I said it was my new office. In that post, I talked about writing spaces. And asked about yours. I had a couple of minutes to chill at work the other day, so I did a Google image search. I looked for the writing spaces of famous authors and came up with some interesting pictures.

I thought of my office, in transition, and wished I could do a total remodel. I would build a balcony and knock out the wall into my daughter’s bedroom, but alas, She isn’t old enough to leave the house and I don’t have the money, anyway.

As I’ve said, I write in coffee shops, reception rooms, and behind the wheel of my car. Where do you write? I’m not only fishing for comments, I want you to send your picture. Like in my Google search, I want to see images of your writing spaces. As I said, and from the picture you can see, my office is in transition. It needs something. Show my your pictures and give me ideas.

Send your pictures to bloghole57 at yahoo dot com and I post them here. Let us see where you hang out, and where you get your wonderful ideas. Here’s your chance to give us a tour of your inner sanctum. Let us see your writing snacks.

I will start, by showing you the condition of my office and where I write. Start clicking those shutters.

Good luck with your writing—see you next week.

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