Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hanging with the Tribe

By Keith N Fisher

As I write this, I’m on my way to the LDStorymakers Conference. During this past week, on social media, I’ve seen many writers post about how happy they were to see their tribe again. In fact, that is the conference theme. So, I’m off, to hang with the tribe. I’ve been listening to a book on tape, written by a British writer. The reader is also, so if I write strangely, please forgive. 

I don’t know whether you realize or not, but I didn’t post anything here, last week. The truth is I opened a blank page to write for the blog on the appointed day and after, but couldn’t shed the ideas for my work in progress. I’m sorry, but naturally, my characters beat you out for my attention. I worked on my story.

Currently, I’m drawing near to the end of this story, and tying it all together. As always, approaching the end means writing entirely new scenes. Of course, the new stuff is always better than the original stuff. There will be edits, but its coming together.

This is my second, exclusively national market story. Well, third, actually. As you might remember, I wrote my first book with the national market in mind. Then, thinking it would be easier to publish in the LDS market, I wrote a book for that Venue. The idea was to use my credits to publish the other book. I discovered the truth, but it has taken years to get back into national.

So, as I eluded, the writing is going great. The plotting, however, has never been so hard. I’ve never had trouble plotting a story. It always seems to come easy for me. But the desire to be accurate, and not like Perry Mason in court procedures, has driven me to my Facebook writer’s groups. I’ve driven them crazy asking questions. Some of them no longer read my posts. I need to thank them, though. I have, perhaps, learned as much from them as if I had taken a course. My book as pretty accurate and I feel great.

Now I’m on my way to hang with my tribe, and I wonder, just who is my tribe anyway? I started attending writer’s events years ago. I’ve met many fabulous people. I’ve seen most of them publish their own books. In the course of it all, I’ve been part of critique groups, writer’s groups, and I have personal friendships I’ll cherish forever. Who among those groups is my tribe?

I’m looking forward to networking at the conference. Moreover, I can’t wait to see my friends. A few of those people lament my lack of writer direction. Surely they are tribe?
In the conference, I will again, enter the crucible. I will chasten myself for not reaching goals. I will second-guess my decision to, not self-publish, yet. Through it all, I’ll offer my undying support to my loved and cherished writer friends and I will pick up sparks of wisdom I hadn’t realized before, or in the rush to get it written, had learned but forgotten.

Yes, everyone at the conference is my tribe. This blog was created as a resource for writers to feel they are not alone. We wanted you to know there are others who have the same desires, and understand the need to get out of bed in the middle of the night to write. There are others who also have deep conversations with fictitious people. Having written many posts on this blog, I hope you will consider me part of your tribe.

Good luck with your writing—give my love to your tribe—see you next week.

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