Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Titles Inspired by Life

They say the best books are the ones inspired by true life. With that in mind, I've decided to begin a series of kid's books. These will be my titles:

The Naptime Wars
Zerbert Juice
Just Wait Till Your Dad Gets Home
101 Ways To Get Mom's Attention While She's On The Phone
The Grouchy Mom Book, A How-To Manual
Inside Voice, Outside Voice

Stop Chasing the Cat!
Go Play!, and its sequel Go To Your Room!
The Homework Incident
I've Told You a Thousand Times

Okay, these are (mostly) just joking. 

On a serious note, they say we should write what we know. But have you ever really sat and thought about what, and how much, you really do know?  Thinking about this, even as a joke, brought up some good ideas for future works. 

If your next work was to be one inspired by your life, what will your title be?

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