Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The End of the Trail

Keith Fisher asked me, once, not too long ago, if I would keep the Blogck going if anything happened to him. Looking back, he must have had an idea of what was to come, though he gave no hint of it at the time. Now I'm left with the heartbreaking job of deciding what's to become of his legacy here. It's a trust that I do not take lightly; I have agonized over it. After discussing the options with my fellow blogger here, C. Michelle and I have come to the following conclusion.

From his first post in July 1996, Keith became the backbone of the Blogck. When everyone else moved on, he kept it going - faithfully posting almost every week of the nine years the site has been in existence. For the better part of a decade, Keith was the solid voice behind the Blogck, 

Those who ever had the blessing of meeting Keith know what a great person he was. He had a big, vibrant personality within a gruff, mountain man exterior. He loved his wife, who he called his sweetheart, he was my go-to authority for dutch oven cooking, and he loved to write. He carried this blog for the love of the readers that came here to read what he had to share.  

Without him, the Blogck seems empty. I can't bring myself to fill his shoes here, I feel unqualified to even try. Somehow, it seems he took the spirit of this place with him when he left.  

And, somehow, that's okay.

So, with a heavy heart full of respect for a good man and his efforts for the writing community, and the love in my heart for my late friend, I'm announcing the retirement of the LDS Writers Blogck.

The archives will remain in place and available. Keith's words can live on, and continue to share the insights and lessons he shared with such loyalty and love, along with the writings of all those who have come and gone, and come back again, over the years, whose efforts we also so much appreciate.

Thank you, Keith, for your wise words, for steadfastly keeping this blog going for so long, and your friendship for all those who knew you in person, or just in words.

Thank you readers and fellow writers, for sharing our journey here. We've reached the end of this trail, and now must part.

God speed, and farewell.


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Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen said...

Tough post. Tough decisions. Thank you and good luck.

Don said...

Farewell, Keith.

G. Parker said...

seems fitting...thanks for the great closing. sigh.

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