Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fulfilling a Dream

by Connie S. Hall

Have you ever sat and pondered the true meaning of the word artist? They are creative people. Many creative achievements are born out of a passion. An artist has the gift to visualize or create something new. They realize there is always room for improvement.

Writers are artists. A writer can’t rest until they tell the story, a painter needs to put it on canvas, and a musician has to play or sing the song. An artist has a fire running through their veins, driving them to fulfill their dreams.

I’ve never been a painter, but I imagine they must be plagued with dreams of landscapes flashing before their eyes, or of a beautiful portrait they need to paint. The close-up details, proportions, realistic depictions, and interpretations must drive them until they know its right.

A musician has dreams with music floating in their head until they are able to write, play, or sing it. The hours they practice to reach perfection are many.

A writer fulfills their dreams by telling stories of fantasy, adventure, or romance in fiction or non-fiction form. It doesn’t matter if it is short or long. A writer needs to tell the story.

Sometimes writers eat, drink, and breathe writing. They each have a special niche where they fit. If they can write, they are happy. I don’t think writers are eccentric, irrational, undependable, or obnoxious. If they seem obsessed or preoccupied it’s because the writer in them can’t rest until they tell their story. They need to fulfill their dream so they can sleep!

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