Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How Do You Pronounce Blogck?

By Darvell Hunt

We at LDS Writers Blogck have been plagued with questions about how to pronounce the word blogck. Well, okay, so nobody has asked yet, but we knew we’d get the question sooner or later, so we thought we'd provide a preemptive answer.

How do you pronounce the word blogck?

Well, honestly, we don’t know. It just looked cool to us. We never thought anybody would actually say it!

If you do find the uncontrollable urge to say the name of our blog, here are the two most obvious pronunciations:

1. With a silent g, as in “block.” That’s easy. You don’t pronounce the g in sign, through, gnome, gnash, foreigner, or reign. Why pronounce it in LDS Writers Blogck?

2. Saying both the g and the ck sound together, just like it’s spelled, as blog-ck, as in words like, um, well, I couldn’t think of any words like that. But you know, kind of like the word geek, but without the ee sound in the middle.

So why did we even use a made-up word like blogck? Because we’re writers. True creative writers are supposed to be able to make up our own words, right? And although we aren’t yet published authors, we are writers. Want some proof? Read our blog. We actually write this stuff ourselves. Impressed, aren’t you?

Why Blogck?

Blogck is a marriage of blog and block. We are writing a blog, hence the blog part, and we hope to be the “new LDS writers on the block” soon. We also liked the play on words of writers block, which we hope to avoid by writing this blog. We also wanted to show how creative we were so that when the LDS publishers received our submissions, that we could include a link to our blogck and the publishers would find themselves unable to send us a rejection notice.

See? Are we smart or what?

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