Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'll Never Wear Leg Warmers Again

By Nichole Giles

One of the hazards of sharing your blog with friends is the fun little games of tag that get started. One person starts them, and they become a never-ending game, each friend passing a new question or tag back and forth between the rest.

One of the virtues of having a large writing group is the many diverse people involved in it. Lately, it has become a trend in our group to start personal writer's blogs. This is a great thing, as we love reading about the rest of the group.

I will admit, though, that occasionally there is a blogger's debt that must be paid in the form of embarrassing, or little known information. This was a game of tag, and this is my contribution. (I didn't start this, G. Parker tagged me.)

What were you doing ten years ago? Moving into my very first house, pregnant with my third child, teaching primary, and not writing a single thing. (But I had re-discovered my love for reading.)

What were you doing one year ago? Probably lying around at the pool, trying to write despite the glare of the sun off my laptop screen.

Five snacks you enjoy: Black Licorice, chocolate-covered gummy bears, tortilla chips and salsa, fresh veggies, fruit. (Oh, and most things chocolate.)

Five songs you know all the lyrics to: I know all the lyrics to all the songs on every cd I've ever owned. Also, I know most of the lyrics to songs that are played more than once a day on the radio, and a great many songs from my childhood. What can I say; lyrics are one of those things that really stick with me.

Things you would do if you were a millionaire: Travel the world, spoil my kids, share with my siblings, open my own publishing company, buy a house on the beach somewhere—and put a library in it.

Five bad habits: Allowing the clean laundry to become a mountain before I get around to folding, checking my email before writing, Dr. Pepper every day, worrying about what other people think, not communicating more often with my extended family.

Five things you like to do: Spend time with my family, write, read, drive my convertible with the top down, and travel.

Things you will never wear again: Bright orange, parachute pants, big frizzy hair, Size Zero, leg warmers.

Five favorite toys: 1) Convertible Mustang, 2) Laptop, 3) cell phone, 4) Internet, 5) credit cards

Where will you be in ten years: A best selling author who owns a beach house…somewhere…and—has written at least 10 smash hit books, of course. What else would you expect?

Five people to tag: NO fair! All my blogger friends are tagged already. Um, I tag, Rebecca Talley, Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen, Shauna Humphreys, Ali Cross, and Rachelle Christiensen. Ha. Have fun, guys!


Rebecca Talley said...

Thanks, Nichole, I think. I answered the questions on my blog--that's what I was supposed to do, right?

ali said...

Nichole, I wanna go for a ride in your 'stang one day! AND I want to see you on the Singing Bee! I bet you'd win!

Nichole Giles said...

Yes, that is what you were supposed to do. Thanks for participating!


Nichole Giles said...

Next time we have an Authors Incognito get-together, we'll take a little spin. I don't know about the Singing Bee, though. I haven't sung in front of a large crowd for YEARS!