Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm It Again

By Connie S. Hall

Most of you heard that last Friday, G. Parker tagged a bunch of us at LDS Writers Blogck. Since I don’t have a personal blog page I guess I have to post my answers to the latest tag game here. The rules are that you’re supposed to remove the blog site at the top of the list below, move all the blog site names up one, and add yourself to the bottom.

The Lyon's Tale
Sundial in the Shade
A Writer's Ramblings Musings from an LDS writing momLDS Writers Blogck (Connie S. Hall)

What were you doing ten years ago? Working for the same employer (Treasure Valley Real Estate & Construction) almost 14 years and at church the same stake calling (Activities) I’ve had for more than 12 years. For someone who likes changes this is sad. Imagine me caught in a rut. The only difference is now I'm spending some time writing which I didn't do 10 years ago.

What were you doing one year ago? I was getting ready to go to Europe.

Five snacks you enjoy: That's easy 1) chocolate candy 2) chocolate ice cream 3) chocolate donuts 4) chocolate strawberries and 5) chocolate pretzels

Five songs you know all the lyrics to: I'm not telling because that would date me.

Things you would do if you were a millionaire: Pay off bills, and help the grown kids. Then I would travel to every spot on the United States continent and then other places in our beautiful world.

Five bad habits: 1) eating too much, 2) not exercising enough, 3) not eating the foods I should (I'd rather eat junk food), 4) not spending enough time with my husband, 5) not relaxing often enough.

Five things you like to do: 1) Write short stories, 2) Write novels, 3) Write blogs, 4) Write historical fiction, 5) Write mystery.

Things you will never wear again: I will never wear high heels again, and probably won't wear nylons either. I won't wear short dresses, or girdles, or anything not comfortable.

Five favorite toys: 1) Alpha Smart, 2) Laptop, 3) Computer, 4) Car, 5) Camera

Where will you be in ten years: I hope to be far away traveling to many places, and seeing all that is possible before I leave this earth.

Five people to tag: This isn't fair because by now all my blogging buddies have been chosen. So now, I’ll choose a couple of past bloggers, Heather Justesen, and Danyelle Ferguson. I’d love to know more about both of them. My next choice will be authors Marsha Ward, Tristi Pinkston, and Heather Moore. (If any of you don't have a blog, you can post your responses at Author's Incognito, or as a comment at LDS Writers Blogck)

Have fun.


Tristi Pinkston said...

Here's the link to mine, Connie:

Marsha Ward said...

Connie, I've already been tagged once in this game at Writer in the Pines, but I'll give it another try. I'll post it at ANWA's Founder & Friends on Sunday the 15th.

Danyelle said...

Hey Connie!

My Tag response has been posted at: