Saturday, August 11, 2007

I’m Just Happy to Be Here

By Keith Fisher

Thanks to Nicole for tagging me. This time I was able to get in the game almost at the beginning. I love to play these games because one, they give me something to write about. Two, I get to find out who’s thinking of me. If my friends mention me, It makes my day. Here are my answers to the questions:

Four Jobs I've Had:

Inside sales Rep Amico-Klemp
Service Station attendant (back when the term service station meant more than gas station)
I could give a lot longer list but you don’t have the time.

Four Places I've Lived:

Gander, Newfoundland
Helena, Montana
Orem, Utah
Evanston, Wyoming

Four Favorite TV Shows:

History Detectives
This Old House
Ghost Whisperer
Most of the sitcoms before 1980 (but that’s not current).

Four Favorite Foods:

Roast Beef and Potatoes.
Hamburger and Eggs.
Almost anything cooked in a Dutch oven.
Toasted Tuna sandwich.

Four Websites I Frequent:
Yahoo groups
All the blog sites I can find about writing

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now:

Kanarraville, Utah (running a general store and writing books)
Fishing anywhere in Utah
Hunting in Alaska
A large stone mansion, (if JK Rowling can get one, so can I) only mine will be on the edge of a cliff, looking down on a large body of water. IT would be in the United States in a place where I have to commute by helicopter. Can you imagine landing your helicopter in the church parking lot on Sunday? But I digress.

Four Movies I Love:

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World
All the Star Trek movies (especially First Contact, but then I like Generations too. Oh I’ll just go with my first answer).
Lonesome Dove
Mr. Blandings Builds a Dream House (Cary Grant)

Four Bloggers I Tag Next:
This is difficult. I’m not sure who has been tagged already. I’ll take a shot in the dark:

Marsha Ward
Karen Hoover
Julie Coulter Bellon
LDS Publisher (but she’s probably too busy this time of year. She probably wouldn’t reveal any secrets anyway so I’ll tag . . . . . . .
Mary Higgins Clark

I knew this was going to be a good blog this week. Hopefully you have learned something about me that will help you decide to buy my books when they come out. If not, send me an email and I’ll talk you into it.


Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Roast Beef and Montana -- I knew I liked you Keith.

You dream of running a general store and writing, that's precisely what Julie Wright does.

Marsha Ward said...

EEK! I've already done this tag at The Ink Ladies.

It's my turn tomorrow to blog on ANWA's Founder & Friends. Maybe I can come up with something new there.

Nichole Giles said...

I love your idea for the stone mansion on a cliff and commuting with a helicopter. Do you mind if my mansion is on the other side of the cliff, we could look across the cove with our spy-glasses and wave at each other while we sat on the porch with our computers...

And hey, if you donate enough money to the church, maybe they'd be okay with putting a helicopter pad on the roof?

You're a hoot!


Keith Fisher said...

thanks for the comments. Candace if you havent played the game yet then I tag you. I wasn't aware that Julie did that. I knew she worked for EBay but I didn't know she had a genereal store.
Sorry Marsha I wasn't sure if you had done it or not.
Nicole. I like the idea of twin stone mansions. I know of a great cliff but We'll need big telescopes. then I could watch what you're writing and be the first to see it. Then I could make a million from spoilers. When are you going to write harry potter?

Nichole Giles said...

Never, Keith. I'm never writing Harry Potter. I'm going to write something much better. Someday.


Darvell Hunt said...

"Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World" is a Funny, Funny, Funny, Funny movie and Everybody, Everybody, Everybody, Everybody should watch it. They don't make 'em like this any more.