Monday, August 13, 2007

Can’t Run Fast Enough

By C.L. Beck
© 2007

Apparently I’m not as fast a runner as I thought, since I’ve been tagged again. Even though I love tag, I’m playing more than working lately. It seems if I want to get my non-fiction book finished, I either need to lose weight or lose years so I can run faster (and write more).

Here are all the things you never wanted to know about me and will probably be happy to forget.

Four Jobs I've Had:
Good Humor Ice Cream lady (Yes, I rang a little bell and sold ice cream from a truck.)
Entre-manure …oops, sorry, that word should be “entrepreneur”.
Deputy tax assessor (Hey, no fair throwing rotten eggs at me! Remember, the apostle Matthew was one, too.)
Insurance clerk for Geico

Four Places I've Lived:
Oh goodness … only four?
Tonopah, NV
Novato, CA
Forestville, MD
Powell, WY

Four Favorite TV Shows:
Dancing with the Stars
Rosemary and Thyme
Green Acres
Anything clean and funny

Four Favorite Foods:
Turkey and mashed potatoes
Pork chops and sauerkraut
Chocolate cake
Four-layer dessert

Four Websites I Frequent:
Sanpete Messenger
Bumblebee Photography
Ronda Hinrichsen's Website/Blog
Marsha Ward's Blog

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now:
In a cabin in the mountains
Hiking in Park City
Snorkeling in Hawaii
Capitol Reef National Park

Four Movies I Love:
White Christmas
It’s a Wonderful Life
Harry Potter (all)

Four Bloggers I Tag Next:
Most of my friends have either been tagged, or are no longer playing, so I'm only tagging two people. G. Parker and Karen Hoover, if you want to play, consider yourself tagged.

I'm afraid that ends the game for me. As enjoyable as it's been, it's time to end the fun and games and get back to writing. Thanks to all who tagged me in the past!

What C.L.’s been reading recently:
Publishing Secrets by LDS Storymakers (BJ Rowley and others)
Writing for Story: Craft Secrets of Dramatic Nonfiction by Jon Franklin
Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Rennie Browne & Dave King

View C.L.’s other work:
"Priming the Pump" in Life is Like Riding a Unicycle by Shirley Bahlmann
Newspaper Column
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Marsha Ward said...

How sweet of you to frequent my blog! Thanks. I'll have to update it more often!

If you like, go read an excerpt of one of my novels at That should keep you going until I update my blog.

Marsha Ward said...

Perhaps I should mention that the excerpts are found by clicking the novel titles under Novels in the left column. I'd better make that clear on the website, yes?

Later, after I finish writing for the day.

C. L. Beck said...

Hi Marsha,
Yes, I do visit your blog ... although sometimes I don't have time to leave a comment.

Glad you mentioned the link for your excerpts.

And thanks for stopping by to read and comment.