Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Addictions

By Nichole Giles

I recently added a new addition to my stash of books. This storyline has lead to an addiction that is apparently sweeping the nation. I’m talking about the Stephanie Meyers vampire series beginning with Twilight.

I have been meaning to read this series for a while, but have had so many things to keep up with that I’ve put it off. When I finally picked it up and got started, I was glad I for the wait, and even more glad for the chance to finally read it. Why? Because I couldn’t put it down. Not even to write.

Let me explain further. I started Twilight while on a camping trip with my family. Even with many interruptions, I finished the book in two days. Granted I’m a fast reader, but only when I’m completely absorbed. Actually, I was so engrossed by this book that when I finished it—while sick with pneumonia and fighting to breathe—I went directly from the doctor’s office on a quest to find books 2 and 3, New Moon and Eclipse, even though I had no energy for shopping. (I know I’m beyond help.)

To my consternation, they were much harder to find than I expected. Since Eclipse had only just been released a great many people were on the hunt for both books. But after three stores—and one extremely lucky find, thanks to the book fairy—I had both books. I hurried home, loaded up on cold medicine and settled in for three solid days of nothing but reading.

My addiction got me thinking. How would I feel if my book was so engrossing that people were willing to obsessively drive around in a fevered stupor in order to find it? And what would it be like if I knew that full grown adults were excited to put on one of the tattoos included in the back of the second book? (These same adults judiciously hiding the special tattoos from their kids.)

Hm. I don’t know how it would feel, but I have decided I really want to find out. So, I have to tell Stephanie thanks for a great example of what a well written, national-hit, LDS style romance/ fantasy can be.

There is no better motivation than having someone else’s work push you to extremes to find it. I can only hope that someday someone in the world will want my work that bad. Only then will I be satisfied.


Rebecca Talley said...

Here's to hoping someday you'll be satisfied :)

Tristi Pinkston said...

I didn't think I'd find myself enjoying those books. I mean, vampires? Hello? But I too got hooked and Seagull is going to call me tomorrow when their new shipment of Eclipse comes in. :)

Paradox said...

I LOVE that series! And Stephenie Meyer is one of my literary idols! With each book her writing improves, but her characters were irresistable the second her story began. And even though she has a fandom that rivals Harry Potter, she is still as humble and lovable as ever. That's what I want to be.

Imagine if there were more LDS authors who could be like that. We'd be an even MORE peculiar people than we already are. LOL.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see:)

Nichole Giles said...

Right back at you! Thanks.


Nichole Giles said...

I know, why do you think it took me so long to read them? edition of Eclipse was a truly lucky find. It's so worth the wait, though. Good luck getting your copy.


Nichole Giles said...

Peculiar? Who are you calling peculiar? Oh, all right. I guess I'd be insulted if you even hinted at my being normal.

You're right to idolize S.M.. She's awesome. What an example for the rest of us, huh?


David said...

Thanks for posting your story! The same happens to me also. Reading series books is an Addiction.