Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Who Do I Want At My Dinner Table?

By Connie S. Hall

Friday I went to a writer’s conference in Salt Lake. One of the speakers suggested we ask ourselves to name five people that we would like to sit down to dinner with. After the meeting I rode Traks to my car and thought about this as I watched the scenery fly by.

The first person I thought about was Jesus Christ. I know women didn’t usually get to sit with the men, but a memorable dinner would have been the Last Supper.

The next person I thought I would love to sit with was my earthy father. He has been gone for almost fourteen years, but I would love to ask his advice about many things. Dad was soft-spoken and always had wisdom in the things he did. I wish I could be so wise.

Next, it got a little hard. I think everyone knows I’m a history freak so naturally I have to name someone I love from the history books. Right now, I’m listening to the book on tape called “Prelude to Glory”. One of the prominent characters in the story is George Washington, the father of our country. I don’t think he would have enough time to answer all the questions I have.

The fourth person I thought of was Lehi. I can’t begin to comprehend what it would be like to be in his presence. He was such a visionary man, and someday I hope to meet him.

Joseph Smith was my final choice. I can’t begin to thank him enough for the wonderful church he helped restore to the earth. Without this church, I would not have such a meaningful life.

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~paulette said...

well, it definitely was not what i was expecting when i first started to read your post... but it has made me stop and think of my own priorities today.