Monday, October 22, 2007

Unusual Game of Tag

By C.L. Beck

I thought I’d retire from the games of tag that have been going around the internet. However, I don’t know why I tried because when a new version shows up, I’m always shouting, “Me, me! Tag me!” And when this latest one came along … well … I just had to get into the game. Not because of the game itself but because there were two specific people that I wanted to tag after my turn was over.

Here’s what I’m supposed to write about: “Ten Literary Characters (Men, obviously) I Would Totally Make Out With If I Were Single and They Were Real But I’m Not, Single I Mean, I Am Real, But I’m Also Happily Married and Want to Stay That Way So Maybe We Should Forget This."

Just so you know, it sounds more risqué than it actually is, but just to be safe I'm going to tone it down from "make out men" to my top ten kissable men. And I’m only playing because I want to tag Darvell Hunt and Keith Fisher. (Ha ha.) We’ll see if they list ten kissable men, or if they just go into hiding. (I know, I’m bad … so very bad.)

My Top Ten Kissable Men

1. Prince Charming: What can I say? He owns a kingdom!
2. Peter Cottontail: It’s hard to resist a male who’s soft and cuddly.
3. Peter Pan: Well, I don’t really want to kiss him, (he’s too young for more than a peck on the cheek) but I’d love to go to Never-Never Land with him.
4. The Cat in the Hat: Now that’s a guy who knows how to have fun.
5. The Tramp (from Lady and the Tramp): Ooo, who can resist a bad boy?
6. Hiawatha: How romantic, a kiss on the shores of Lake Gitchigoomi .
7. Puss in Boots: Gotta love those leather boots.
8. Humpty Dumpty: I’d have given him a farewell kiss, right before the great fall. Oh, the tragedy of it all!
9. The Tinman (Wizard of Oz): A guy who not only has a heart, but knows how to cry.
10. Russ Beck: The man I've loved since I was 15. He's not only cuddly but has a heart. And knows how to have fun. If he could just inherit a kingdom and get a cool pair of leather boots, he’d be perfect. :0)

Thanks to Marsha Ward at for tagging me.

Oh, Darvell and Keith—I suppose if you’re really nice to me, I’ll let you pick ten kissable women instead of ten men. What’s it worth to you? :)

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Keith Fisher said...

Kidding right? Women who do this may have their husbands look twice, but men who do this would be committing suicide. In my experience, wives don't always see the fun.

I will check with she who must be obeyed and ask if I can play.

C. L. Beck said...

Oh Keith, you are such a good sport! :)

I was only tagging you to tease you. If SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED doesn't like the idea, don't worry about it.

But, you can always punt and use fairy tale characters like I did. :)

Marsha Ward said...

You're welcome!

Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen said...

Fun blog, Cindy. I really enjoyed it. And I agree about most of those guys, except the last one, and the booted guy. I've never been much into boots--on men anyway.

C. L. Beck said...

Thanks for stopping by!

C. L. Beck said...

Oh, did I get a laugh out of your response. It took me a bit to understand what you had against the last man on the list, especially since he was my husband.

Then I got it and laughed out loud. Please, feel free to NOT include him on YOUR top ten list of kissable men. :)